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If you own a thematic site, you're a coach, have a wide audience in social media or just want to help popularize service while making money on it, join the affiliate program!

How does it work? You register in the affiliate program and get a link similar to this, in which "partner" is your ID. For each visitor who clicks on this link and registers in our system, you will r


  • Register for the program by contacting
    In the letter, indicate the method for attracting customers (group in social media, website, personal meetings), approximate volumes, topics, and approximate geography of users (country, region, city - if applicable).
  • In a response letter, we agree on price, and on supporting a new attraction method, if required (for example, you can make a video presentation for something really specific, since signing up for saunas is slightly different from scheduling for lessons wi

If you still have questions, you can call us: +1 575 308 08 08


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