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Cases in which messages can be sent to customers(visitors):

  1. Deletion of an entry by an administrator.
  2. Rescheduling of an entry by an administrator.
  3. Reminder before 3 hours
  4. Reminder before 3 days
  5. Reminder the evening before.
The client can unsubscribe from receiving messages in the personal cabinet or by contacting the support service.

For clients using the independent scheduling service, creating entries is free.

To delete your entry you need to click on the link: authorize in the system and go to the my entries page.
After that, click the "delete entry" button.

The site is fully adaptive to any mobile phone or tablet, for swift and comfortable work.
You can familiarize yourself with the mobile version by clicking the "Mobile version" button at the top of the screen.
A special lightweight mobile entry form is used to schedule clients.
You can also switch between the full and mobile versions of the website on your mobile device, as many smartphones have large enough screens for comfortable use of the full version.
When registering a queue, it is recommended to use a tablet, a laptop, or a personal computer, as you will have to enter certain information.

Our team of developers has extensive experience in developing highly loaded 24/7 services. We use the following technologies:

  1. The site runs on dedicated servers in a German data center.

The service has several pricing plans, including a free pricing plan with very wide possibilities. You can read about the tariff plans and their differences on the page: Price

The service will automatically switch to a free plan, the service will continue to work, customer registration will not be stopped, and a personal cabinet(calendar) will be available.

Yes, the work with multiple queues is supported.
For the multi-queue model, when creating a new record, you must first select the queue in which the record is made, then the service and time.
In [Settings] -> [General Information] there is a button [Add Queue], there you can also deactivate the queues.
For each specialist (queue) it is necessary to specify the work schedule, the list of services.
It is possible to specify the address for each queue and other settings.
The manager (project creator) - has full access to all the queues and system settings.
In the section [Settings] -> [Authorization] you can specify the list of users / administrators and specify who has access to what queue.
The clients base is the same for all offices.
In the settings you can give any administrator the rights of the manager, then several people can change the general settings and settings of all queues.

If your company had one queue (specialist) and after some time you need to add another one or more queues, you should consider that when you move from a single queue to a multi queue structure - all entries and settings from the current queue are moving to queue #1.

In the current version of the system, the following reports are available:
  1. Consolidated report / The number of entries, worked and free time /
  2. Demo access as a company

In your account setting [Settings] -> [Operators], you can add any number of administrators and specify which queues they have access to.
By default, general settings (work schedule, services, etc.) can only

To create your website on the basis of electronic queue you need:
  1. Purchase a domain (for example from any domain sellers.
List of planned improvements:
  1. Group entry
  2. Work only via email
  3. Control of cancelled events
  4. Integration with Google calendar
  5. and so on...
Both queue managers and visitors are authorized on the site using SMS/email message code verification. After a successful login, the user's browser remembers it, and the next time you open the site, you will not need to receive SMS again (if cookies are not dis

You can split your work time into two parts. Give one part to Internet service, and the other part of the time is left for manual maintenance (for example, to schedule clients who are in an urgency). But we strongly recommend that you keep all the records

Yes, by contacting technical support, we can remove your company from the list of companies on the site. Access will be via direct link only. Thus, you can use the site absolutely incognito. For complete security, you can turn off SMS reminders for client
See the full list of features and integration methods on a special page. Integration
In the [Settings] -> [Notifications] section, select the "text" button next to the desired message.
On the next page you will see the current message template, the default template, and you can apply template chan
Yes, in your account settings, [Settings] -> [General Information] -> [Internet Address], you can specify any name for the subdomain.
For example:
The administrator can add clients in account settings without specifying a mobile phone number.
You can create an entry without confirming the phone number for clients by enabling the corresponding setting in this
Clients from any country can sign up to you without any additional settings. The interface language - according to the country you selected when registering. If a client makes an appointment with you from another time zone - he will receive a message, for example - "Attention, the recording is carried out by the time zone of city New York".
If you did not find the answer to your question on the website (on the main page, in the FAQ, or the video), write to tech support.
Many settings are hidden so as not to complicate the user interface, and are acce

The service was launched in 2011. After the launch, deeper work was carried out to collect market needs, as a result of which it was decided to radically change everything and go to a new level of automation. The new version was launched in the fall of 20

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Demo access as a Company

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