BONUS - 5$ to your account after registration. For those who sign up it's FREE.

  Mini   Base

When the funds in the
account run out, the tariff is
automatically switched to "Free"

Subscriber fee   0   0   5 $/month
Price of 1 reservation   0   0.15 $   0.05 $
Methods to confirm an appointment:
- Captcha (select pictures)
- E-mail
- Telegram
- Incoming call
- SMS message



Стоимость подтверждения номера по MobileId     2 $   2 $
Price of 1 sms via internet
(confirmation code or reminder)
    0.1 $   0.1 $
Стоимость 1 WhatsApp сообщения
(код подтверждения или напоминание)
    0.1 $   0.1 $
Module "Tickets"
(Create tickets to N appointments.
Ability to limit self-recording)
It is possible to display advertising on the pages of the site      
Free sms notifications
via Android device
Your sms and email templates      
No limits on the number of entries      
Request when booking - phone number, e-mail address
and other additional information(customizable)
Free e-mail messages
(confirmation codes and reminders)
Base of clients, with cards      
Accounting missed      
Automatic block for missed      
Multifunctional business time setup panel
Work by schedule, single recording, recording on specified dates,
weekends, work only on (non-)even days, etc.
Integration with any site in html mode      
- WordPress



Maximum number of lines
(parallel work)
  200   200   200
No limit on the number of services      
Any number of administrators      
Section "About the company"      
Nice site name in format
Internal message exchange system      
Answer to the request for technical support via the Internet   24 h.   3 h.   3 h.
Technical support by phone      

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