Scenarios for the use of the self-recording system

How the service can help. It's not just an online record. Scenarios of use.

  1. Full replacement of paper log
    The administrator marks all records on the site (from tablet, phone, computer), and allows you to record online. The Internet is always up to date. Transferring customers to online recording can save time.
  2. Just a reminder text. Reporting. Creating a client base
    In this scenario, the administrator duplicates the log data on the site, for example, once a day. Clients receive SMS reminders (you can disable them, and they can be flexibly configured). Automatically generates a customer database, and statistics - who visited how many times what service, how much money has brought. At any time you can export your entire customer base, or the entire queue to Excel, Pdf.
  3. Control over administrator, security
    In order to protect against unrecorded entries, you can oblige the administrator to fix everything in the Internet service. You can lose, erase a paper log, delete something, not mark it, and let it pass by the cash register. All actions of the administrator in the Internet service are logged, and sabotage is impossible.
  4. Making an online record without moving the entire queue to the service
    There are two possible options. The first is to open some specific clock only for online recording (so that there is no overlap with other recordings). For example, from Tuesdays to Tuesdays and Thursdays from 14 to 18 - online recording, and put a pop-up window on your site, or add a link to the group in your contact and announce the new feature. The second option is to collect requests and allow recording at any time. At the same time, the administrator will receive a text message that a new entry has been created online, watch a paper log, and if the time is free - to mark in a paper log, if the time is busy - to call the client back and offer other options.
  5. Hourly rent
    If you do not provide services, but rent something out: hourly rent of tools, apartments, offices, rooms, test drives, etc., then your company also applies the first 4 points. Everything works in a similar way.

Our self-recording system is easily configurable to automate queuing to any service provider.

  • Beauty salons
  • Medical clinics
  • Massage parlours
  • Tutoring services
  • Hairdressing salons
  • Dentistry
  • Car washes
  • ....

The system is equally effective for both companies and private entrepreneurs, masters at home.
Below are a few examples of how automating queuing can help your business.

Home hairdresser
Public service time:
1 - 2 hours
A visitor reception schedule:
4 days a week - 8 people, 2 days 4 people each
Length of the queue:
For three months in advance
As it was before the connection to the service

Pensioner - dispatcher at home received incoming calls from customers to the mobile phone, writing everybody down in a paper notebook. Before that, the master led the queue by herself. There were more and more clients, and the phone rang at the most inopportune moment. I had to distract myself from the work, always wear a notebook, take calls at any time. That's why a dispatcher was hired to record clients and remind them of their visit by phone.

How the barber connected to the service:

The wizard independently connected to the system, set all the settings - the mode of receiving visitors, services, prices, work address, etc. I bought a domain for direct recording and linked it to my page. I took the notebook from the dispatcher. I opened a personal office at and transferred all the records from the paper medium to the electronic one hour in advance. The phone for a month left at the dispatcher with the instruction to all callers to say one phrase: "Now the record to this master is conducted through the site".

That I got a hairdresser after I hooked up:
  • Utilizing the free test period, the wizard realized how convenient and profitable this system is - now he pays several times less than the dispatcher and the phone was costing him.
  • Recording is made around the clock without holidays and weekends
  • If the dispatcher does not always manage to call and remind about the recording (people often forget), the automatic reminder system does not miss the time of SMS-notifications and helps clients and the master himself not to forget about the upcoming haircut.
  • Independence on the dispatcher. People are constantly demanding higher wages or are reckless about their duties, but a notebook with records of visits to clients in their hands serves as a trump card to pressure the hairdresser. After switching to an automatic queueing system, the hairdresser sees all the information about past and future entries in his or her personal office, and once a day receives a complete logbook in electronic form to his or her e-mail address.
  • Visitors like to sign up through the site - it's clear and convenient, they say. Customers love the fact that they can transfer and delete their records through the site on their own, rather than call the dispatcher or the master.
  • Each evening the hairdresser receives an SMS notification with the phones and the time of reception of visitors recorded the next day.
  • Recording visitors works automatically and does not distract the wizard from the work
Auto wash
Public service time:
30 minutes - 4 hours
A visitor reception schedule:
Daily from 9:00 to 22:00
Service organization:
5 service boxes
Length of the queue:
Before three days of recording, a live queue with an average waiting time of 15 minutes prevails
As it was before the connection to the service

The administrator would take the calls and put them in a queue on the Google calendar. But the administrator was still in charge of organizational activities, so it was difficult to get through - no one picked up the phone, the line was dominated by a live one.

How the car wash got connected to the service:

One of the boxes was allocated to test the efficiency of the electronic schedule, and not all the time, but only "off-road" (from 9:00 to 11:30 and from 14:30 to 17:30). During "rush hours" all the boxes continued to work according to the principle of a live queue. This queue was started on the site, several services and the parameters have been set that the visitor must specify the body type and car license plate number when signing up for the queue. The car wash has its own website, and the entry was added to the site via a pop-up window. Besides, the administrator was shown how it is possible to do it through the personal cabinet to put customers on the electronic queue.

That I got the car wash after the connection
  • Recruitment of new clients by the convenience of writing.
  • More densely populated working time.
  • The load on the administrator has decreased.
  • Automatic reminders about the reception by sms about the time of the visit. There were no reminders before, and many forgot about the record.
  • The owner of the car wash has got an effective tool to analyze and control his business.
  • Minimization of losses from the receipt of money by bypassing the cash desk by the absence of recording the fact of service in the journal.
  • After the efficiency assessment, two more boxes were converted to electronic recording.
  • All works automatically.
Health Medicine Clinic
Public service time:
0.5 - 2 hours
A visitor reception schedule:
Daily from 9:00 to 20:00
Service organization:
Receive visitors by specific specialists
Length of the queue:
For two months in advance
As it was before the connection to the service

Reception received incoming calls and recorded visitors to a common Excel file. The day before the forthcoming visit, during working hours, they called the visitors with a reminder.

How did the clinic connect to the electronic record

The head of the clinic registered himself on the site, indicating all the specialists, their work schedules and services they provide. The clinic has a popular group in the social network, where they have added a button to record via the Internet. The clinic did not have a website, so the domain was purchased and linked to the page. Now everyone who visits sees the list of specialists, services, address of the clinic, and other useful information. The administrator was shown how to create new entries through the administrator's personal cabinet. It turned out to be even faster than an excel file.

What did the clinic get after registration
  • Transparency and clarity of the specialists' schedule increased the attendance of the clinic.
  • Calls are processed by a receptionist. The client is consulted and immediately selected by the specialist and the service, as well as recorded in the electronic schedule.
  • SMS-reminder saved employees from the obligation to call visitors and remind them of the upcoming appointment.
  • Administrator does not write in the Excel table, but in a clear and reliable system, where the full list of actions is stored.
  • It is now possible to use analytical tools, watch trends and statistics.
  • The owner of the clinic has received a tool for analyzing and monitoring the work of the institution.
  • All works automatically.