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Hyperlink, your Internet address with an online employment calendar

After registering on the site napriem.com you get a unique address on the internet, for example:
If you didn't specify the name of your page during registration or you want to change it, you can do it in the settings section of your personal cabinet

This is your free personal website with online recording! You can post any information about your activities, and do not buy a separate site.
You can also set up a redirection of your domain, for example http://yourname.com, to your personal page on the service napriem.com. Search engines will index your page and you can find it simply by Google or Yandex.
Place the page address (https://napriem.com/test) on business cards, post it on social media, or just send it to visitors via text message or WhatsApp.
If your office page opens from your mobile device, it will automatically switch to the mobile version: