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Hyperlink, your Internet address with an online work schedule

After registering on the site napriem.com you get a unique address on the internet, for example:
If during registration you did not specify the name of your page or you want to change it, you can do this in the settings section in your account dashboard

This is your free personal online scheduling site! You can post any information about your activities, and not buy a separate website.
You can also configure redirection, for example http://yourname.ru to your personal page on the service napriem.com. Search engines will index your page, and it will be possible to find by a simple search on Google or Yandex.
Publish the page address (https://napriem.com/test) on business cards, publish it on social media, or simply send it to visitors via SMS or WhatsApp.
If the page of your account dashboard is opened from a mobile device, it will automatically switch to the mobile version:

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